Bubba Johnson

Bubba Johnson sings, writes, composes, and plays keyboard, piano, and organ. By the time Bubba was 17 years old, his voice was well known at churches across Virginia.  He has directed many churches in his 60 years in music.

At age 22, Bubba discovered his ability to write lyrics and arrange music. He began writing arrangements and composing music in private. He didn’t share his talent with the public. It wasn’t until years later that a family member discovered his talent, so Bubba decided to write themes to include various song arrangements for public events and churches.

He had written over 75 songs before publishing his first CD, “Bubba Johnson and Company”, in 2001. Bubba wrote songs and taught various choirs and gospel groups his songs. He matched his songs to the various groups, giving each artist individually a song to match their personalities, or mood.

Always a fan of the famous Caravan Gospel Singers, Bubba particularly admired the works of Evangelist Dorothy Norwood. He recorded his second CD project, “ No Doubt In My Mind”, featuring Evangelist Dorothy Norwood in their hit single, “ Tribute to Momma”, in which he sold to Malaco Records. Bubba has also performed with other gospel greats. From time to time, he will dabble in a bit of Blues.  As of today, Bubba has recorded a total of 4 cd projects, DVD projects of his life story, and his performance of “DOWN THE GOSPEL ROAD” performed at the “Firehouse Theater”.

He was also elected to perform and host the 400th year celebration in Colonial Williamsburg for the 16 states of the Colony. In March 2007, Bubba was called upon by the Virginia Legislative Services to host and perform at the 2007 Southern Legislative Conference held in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Then again, he was called upon by the Virginia Legislative Service, to host and perform in Richmond at the Virginia Hosting The Canadians. He has also been called upon to direct many Hanover and surrounding areas community choirs for special events.