Where Can I Serve?

In commitment to our vision statement to growing a strong family, our ministries seek to connect with each individual on some level spiritually, physically, and socially. 

Our ministries are designed to aid individuals of all ages by sharing Christ with them; training and encouraging them in their Christian walk; and caring for them as members in the family of faith.  We not only impart God’s truths, but we also equip people with biblical references to aid in their everyday life.  Whether it’s through our men’s, women’s, youth, music or dance ministry, we offer a place for people to get involved, and grow in Christ together.    

Come…join us and let’s grow in Christ as a Family!!!


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Youth Ministry – B.A.S.I.C.

Our mission as Brothers and Sisters in Christ is to amplify the name of the Lord, to use our talents to realize the duty we have to positively influence others, and to encourage one another in our quest to be Christ-like in all areas of our lives.


Missionary Ministry

Our mission is to minister to the sick and those in need; to be an essential factor in the elevation of fallen humanity by giving of our time, talents and means; to strive to minister to those who are lost, and to contribute monies for missionary work in our communities and in foreign fields.  

Women’s Ministry

To help women find strength, encouragement and lasting relationships built on love, respect and trust through biblically based studies, topical discussions, health/wellness issues and fellowship by addressing the whole women’s spiritual, physical and social needs.


Men Of God Ministry

Our mission is to become Godly men, while encouraging others to make promises that last a lifetime to Jesus Christ, their families, and to one another. The threefold goal of the Men of God Ministry:

  • Getting together because of Christ
  • Growing together in Christ
  • Going forth to serve Christ

Seniors Ministry – O.A.S.I.S.

Our mission is to holistically meet the needs of seniors through addressing issues, concerns, and conditions; to help develop a commitment to Bible study and other Christian education opportunities; and to ensure fellowship during the various stages of mature life. (Click on the link for more information)


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Abner Baptist Church is a dynamic and diverse ministry for the 21st century. The various choirs and multi-talented music staff leads our worship services with anointed music, beautiful arrangements and Christ-centered text. Our mission is to be more than the choir that provides the music, but with each opportunity, our ministry should be uplifting and life changing to those who witness our ministry. God has given us a responsibility to minister to hundreds of people that attend our worship services. As praise and worship leaders we acknowledge that many of those individuals may be broken, distressed and perplexed by circumstances of life. We are not entertainers and entertainment is not our goal; however, our goal is soul winning and healing.


Praise Dance Ministry – “SUBMISSION”

Our mission is to lead others into submission to God’s will over their lives, by offering a wholistic dance ministry which honors God through expressive praise and worship.

Ushers Ministry

Our purpose is to greet each member, friend, and visitor with a cheerful heart-filled welcome that will last a lifetime.
We are a ministry that believes in encouraging others through faithful teaching, Godly training, and cultivating youth leadership.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

Our purpose is to meet and anticipate the needs of Pastor Hayes, his family, and visiting ministers. We find ways to help restore Pastor, as he serves the needs of the people.
We believe what 1 Timothy 5:17 says, “the elders who lead the church well should receive double honor, especially those who work hard by speaking and teaching.” 

Media Ministry

The Abner Baptist Church Media Ministry is committed to enhancing the praise and worship experience through audio/visual media.  The Media Ministry is dedicated to spreading and sharing the Word of God.  We are devoted to supporting all ministries of Abner and maintaining the various methods of media to fulfill the overall mission and vision of the church and the commands of Jesus Christ.